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Varroa Mite Treatment & Control Products. Varroa mites also known as varroa destructor mites and honeybee mites are the most serious pest to honey bee populations and can cause deformed bees and can seriously destroy hive populations. Apiguard: Varroa Control Apiguard ® is a natural treatment to control varroa mite populations in honeybee colonies. Tests show that Apiguard also helps to control tracheal mites /. Apistan® is probably the best and simplest defence against the varroa mite. Since the 1980s it has been the benchmark treatment and is now registered for use in more than 40 countries. It is very easy to apply – simply insert two strips in the brood box of a standard colony for six weeks at the [].

How to Treat for Varroa Mites. There are two primary ways that you can treat for Varroa Mites; through using organic compounds and other control methods such as with splits and a sugar shake. Below we discuss the best organic treatment options then we transition into discussing other control methods that you can use to treat Varroa Mites. Deaf and blind, the Varroa mite smells and feels its way through the beehive. Its goal is the brood cells, where it can reproduce and infect the next generation of bees with diseases, thus weakening the entire colony. Beekeepers have very few options for keeping this ­parasite under control. 24/04/2015 · Presentation and brief talk - describing positive results - at a Canadian Beekeeper's meeting about using Stratiolaelaps scimitus Hypoaspis Miles for Varro. Varroa Mite Control. This entire category is on sale for the entire month of September! 10% off your purchase of these products when you use coupon code: SEPTEMBER10. This category contains the products we currently carry to help you control Varroa Destructor, aka varroa mites. 27/12/2011 · Don Kuchenmeister, The FatBeeMan demonstrates his method of controlling mites in bee hives using vaporized mineral oil. This is a completely natural way to c.

Innovative Solution for Varroa Mite: Sauna for the Bees. by Editorial Board · Published January 7, 2015 · Updated January 7, 2015. Beekeepers, we get always sparkles in the eyes, when we hear the news about fighting against varroa mite. The control group was not treated and saw a steady increase in mites from the first to second sampling. The mite count dropped some from the second and third sampling. The decrease from the second to the third sampling could be because some of the more heavily mite loaded hives swarmed and this took their larger mite load numbers out of the count.

Oxalic Acid Vaporization is one of the newest tools in the beekeeper’s fight again varroa mites. As a beekeeper, you have several different strategies to use for mite control. Oxalic Acid, a naturally occurring substance, is another effort to step away from the use of synthetic chemicals.

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